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Domestic Airline Tickets - the Best Deals
Many people think that booking flights through a travel agency costs more money. Even if the agency charges a small fee, they couldn't be more wrong! Travel Unlimited will quote the same airfare offered by the airline direct - either by phone or by website AND will give money-saving suggestions for alternate airports, connecting cities, departure times or days and routings. It's in our best interest to save you money, because we want you to come back! We will also secure seat assignments and boarding passese when offered by the carrier, keep up with your schedule changes, special meal or other requests, add frequent flyer account information, and even sign you up for free if you're not already enrolled!
You can help us with our goal to save you moneyl. Always try to make reservations at least 21 days in advance of travel -- earlier if possible, and plan to stay over a Saturday. Be as flexible as you can with combinations of air carriers, dates of travel and departure cities. We know the system and we know how to work it! We'll do whatever is in our power to find the cheapest flights available.
Some air carriers offer "E-Saver" last-minute fares to select cities for the following weekend. We're up on these too, and can advise you if they apply for your last-minute travel needs. We'll even give you the website address to subscribe as part of our service.

On-line booking with airlines direct? No way!
Don't do it! Don't limit your information to whatever the airline's on-line computer gives you. Feel free to look up fares and schedules at the websites (or ours!). But be careful before you buy! Let a professional advise you about options and alternatives before you lock yourself into an airfare that you can't get out of - or try your skill at our booking website that represents over 350 carriers.

Choosing to cruise can be the most relaxing, yet fun-filled vacation you will ever have. The key is matching your tastes and preferences to the right ships and cruise lines, and no 800 number or on- line booking agency can replace travel agent experience! All Travel Unlimited consultants are experienced cruisers, and we have specialists in many areas. How can you save? There are several ways. First, travel with or as a group when possible and enjoy big savings off brochure prices. If this doesn't suit you, Travel Unlimited subscribes to dozens of "group-rate" departure dates and sailings throughout the year through the Travel Clearinghouse-- but book early, book early, book early!
We can advise you about specific cabins that are priced lower than others but offer virtually the same room. Or off-season departure dates. Or cruise-line fax specials and discounts. Remember:
It's in our best interest to save you money because we want you to come back!

Hotels and Rental Cars
Through our national associations, we offer SIGNIFICANT corporate and leisure discounts on hotel chains from buget to deluxe, domestic and worldwide. Once again, book early and avoid holidays for best prices. We also have national negotiated rates with several rental car companies.
Call, fax or e-mail for more information about any of the above savings.

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