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We're certain you already know that the Internet is an enormous resource for travel-related information. Other than the links we've listed in our Cruising! and Escorted Tours sections, we have a few favorite websites with some good travel-professional insights that we'd like to share with you.

One of the best sources for current frequent traveler specials on all airlines is the website hosted by Randy Peterson's "Inside Flyer" magazine. Find a "Top 10" list of who's giving the best bonuses and get some tips on frequent flyer bookings and promotions at this busy, information loaded site.

Another huge site, Citynet has gobbled up the best mapmaking folks at The Virtual Tourist and bundled it as part of their website. This is a great place to start looking for quick maps, and a wealth of references to local sites for specific cities around the world. Just do us one favor. Since we gave you this web address, can you please ignore a competitor's reservations and booking link that's now on their page?? Thanks.

This obscure but wonderfull little site, The Subway Navigator, gives a listing of links to over 60 subways in U.S. cities and around the globe. Ever really needed that map of the London Underground, Paris Metro or New York's Subways but just couldn't find one before your trip? You'll find it here! Some of the cities even offer station-to-station directions! Check it out!

The venerable travel guides from Fodors are now on the Web! Though you'll only get some of the information from their exhaustive guides, (they do still want you to buy their guide books) it's a fun place to surf. One of the neat features is selecting your areas of interest and compiling a personalized guide to hundreds of cities/countries around the world.

Ever heard of the Lonely Planet guidebooks? If not, they're great! Their website will, like other travel guidebook sites gives you only a taste of their full product line so they can sell you some books. What makes them unique? They accept no advertising or kickback money from any tourist boards, hotels, restaurants or any other source, so you get very honest, very throrough travel information. Their Amsterdam guidebook can even tell which nights of the week are best at the various clubs in town!

The official website of Travel Weekly Magazine and the Hotel and Travel Index. These publications are read daily by tens of thousands of travel agents accross the country. Take a look, and you, too, can be up to date on the most current travel headlines.

Want to find more? These are just a few! Call/FAX/e-mail us!

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