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The Best of Both Worlds
Many companies try to force their travelers to use mega-travel agencies located in huge reservations centers accross the country to "save" money by consolidating their accounts. What often happens is that the business traveler is left as another file number in a sweatshop jungle! At Travel Unlimited, our agency is small enough to give real, personalized, custom service to the business traveler. Yet through our national affiliation with GEM Travel Management, Worldspan Computerized Reservations Systems, and the American Society of Travel Agents, we are also large enough to offer contract discounts on hotel reservations, car rentals, and a host of "mega-agency" type service. And most important -- our experienced travel agents really know our market. They know the right questions to ask to offer you real options for saving significant time and money off your business travel budget.

The Delta Air Lines Connection
Since Delta controls so much of the Southeastern U.S. market, Travel Unlimited makes it a priority to be up to date on all things "Delta". Our computer system gives direct access to virtually all of Delta Air Lines' general information system, as well as up-to-the-minute fares, schedules, upgrade information, and last-seat availability. We enjoy a strong relationship with Delta and will exhaust every avenue we can to service your Delta travel needs.

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