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International Travel Experts
International travel is complex and intricate. Information is always changing and new developments happen almost daily. Ever call a travel agency about an international trip and have the agent not even know where you're going? At Travel Unlimited, we specialize in international travel - to Europe, Asia, The Americas, South Pacific and Africa. There's even a good chance that we might have BEEN to the destination you're looking for!

Condolidator Tickets
Consolidators are "wholesalers" for international air travel, and purchase or commit to large blocks of space on various air carriers years in advance. These companies often offer much lower fares than normal, published international fares. What's the catch? Consolidator tickets usually carry strict refund and change fees and are tightly capacity controlled on each flight. Also, most consolidators have to be contacted repeatedly by phone to check rates, availability, rules and ticketing information - a long, cumbersome process. And how do you know the wholesaler is really legitimate or a fly-by-night discount shop that will be gone tomorrow?

How can Travel Unlimited help? We have at our fingertips unique, computerized access to RELIABLE international consolidator airfare information for over 50 air carriers worldwide! In fact, with just a click of the mouse we can compare consolidator and published fares in seconds.

We check references, ratings, and deal with the most reputable consolidators.

Let our agents do the shopping and comparing for you. Call, fax, or e-mail us with your international travel request and you'll hear back from us with a fully-researched answer by the end of the next business day. No extra fee for credit card bookings!

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